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The requirements of bottle blowing machine increasing

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With the broadening of the application of blow molding machines, the requirements of the industry are also increasing. At present, the pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical and other industries have urgent needs for blowing equipment.

blow molding machine

Sunswell Machinery Co., Ltd. integrates advanced technology from home and abroad now provide full-automatic blow molding machines and semi-automatic blow molding machines.


It is suitable for producing all kinds of plastic bottle products from 5ml to 40l with PET, PP, PE raw materials. Such as: mineral water bottles, beverage bottles, cosmetics, baby bottles, peanut oil bottles, PET 5-gallon buckets, etc.


Our machinery have below advantages:

Hopper preform warehouse

Automatic preform sorting and loading

Hopper preform warehouse

Automatic preform sorting and loading

The preform is evenly heated and easy to blow

Low energy consumption, adjustable tube heating temperature

adjustable tube heating temperature

adjustable tube heating temperature2

Quick mold replacement

Easy maintenance


The electrical appliances are distributed in a concentrated and regular manner, and the wires are clearly colored and numbered; there are exclusive labels on each original electrical appliance, which is clearly organized and easy to maintain.

 electrical appliance

In the market competition, Sunswell wins with our excellent quality and leading technology. While serving customers, we continue to grow ourselves.


Looking forward to meeting new friends,Sunswell is willing to use our technology and Services help clients all over the world.

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