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The Internal Exchange of Marketing Experience-Sunswell

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No matter what it is, induction, on-the-job training, coaching, mentoring, cascade training or in-house courses are all about exchange of marketing experience. The purpose is to create a motivated, skilled and effective workforce by which organizational goals can be achieved. Internal experience exchange and training classes have certain advantages over learning external provision and formal qualifications.

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Mr. Howie Sun, Managing Director of Sunswell, host of the meeting this time, started the meeting by asking 3 questions: Why does the client disappear after our quotation? Why does the client keep postponing the project even after all commercial and technical confirmation? Why are inquiries so less and with poor quality?


Howie explained the uncertainty of external environment, which is composed of 3 aspects they are unpredictability, multiple-dimension of attendees and open complexity (indistinct business border). We should empower our company with a future-oriented ability rather than their ability to pass-on experience, including measures:


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concerning the liquid filling machines,we'd better keep on the diversified competion,keep on learning and thinking systematically.

1. Respect the market laws and the law of objective development

  •  Focus on macro economy and foreign policy

  • Concerned about the industry and peers


2. With continuous transformation and change to achieve their own growth

  •  All round marketing system

  •  Technical and engineering experience reservation

  •  Enough patience


3. With enough growth to surpass change

  • Regular products

  • Non-standard and customized products


Benefits of Internal Communication:

  •  Improved Productivity

The key purpose of any training is to improve effectiveness and productivity. Everyone needs training to do their jobs well. Internal training begins with an induction program, enabling the employee to learn how to do the job, its purpose and how it fits into the corporate strategies. Ongoing support training is essential to keep up with changes to the working and corporate environment. This might be as simple as circulating company literature to update staff on current developments. This kind of informality gives employees some responsibility for their learning.


  • Relevance

By training staff internally, an organization can customize the learning to fit business needs exactly, adapting some elements and omitting any considered unnecessary for the job. This enables the employees to focus more clearly on the organizational goals and strategies, while sensing their individual contributions to its success. Depending on the type and scope of training, though, it is less helpful from an employability perspective. For example, a former soldier might have received exceptional training in communications and technology while in the Army, but he might need to retrain to use the same skills in a commercial environment.


  • Employee Motivation and Retention

Training as a reward is an effective motivator, and happy employees are more productive and less likely to think about leaving. A structured internal training program shows staff the organization recognizes their worth and it is in their interests to stay. Keeping the staff motivated and happy is one of the best public relations tools an organization can have. Employees will soon let their friends and family know if they work for an organization that doesn’t care about them. Equally, if it is the best place they have worked, they will be keen to pass on that message, too, encouraging more applicators when the organization needs to hire. The key of making employees as a marketing force to tell the world what is a great organization is to send out a clear, positive message about every aspect of the business.


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