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Sunswell to supply three complete beverage bottling lines to Central Asia

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Central Asia has always been a must for the ancient Silk Road. In recent years, the "One Belt, One Road" initiative proposed by China has injected new impetus into the cooperation between China and Central Asian countries and promoted the trade cooperation between Chinese enterprises and enterprises in Central Asian countries.Today we will share with you on  how Sunswell get on the train of "One Belt One Road" .It is that Sunswell 's 3 beverage filling lines are going to sold to Central Asia countries.

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At the beginning of 2018, Sunswell signed a contract with the client in Central Asia for turn-key project of three beverage production lines, with a total contract value of 2 million U.S. dollars. The project contract includes:

1.A water treatment system for all the three lines

2. A pre-treatment system for beverages

3.A 15,000BPH Can filling& packaging line for carbonated soft drink

4.A 15,000BPH Can Hot filling& packaging line for juice

5.A 7,000BPH(1L) PET blowing, filling & packaging line for both CSD and still water and auxiliary equipment such as air compressor system and chiller. 

One point should be emphasized that the can hot filling machine will use electronic flowmeter filling valves to meet the customer's high requirements forfillingprecision.

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Sunswell ranks among the customer's alternative suppliers due to our expertise and competence which exactly meets clients’ high demand of the turnkey plant criteria. The initial contact between the client and Sunswell team started in September 2017. After paying a visit to our factory, modifying the proposal again and again and confirming each detail, we two parties shake hands together to celebrate the big issue. It is a honor for us to do business with the biggest beverage manufacturer in their country, we wish we could help them soar higher and higher.

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One belt one road, Sunswell machinery will definitely go further along this pathway.

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