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Sunswell fully automatic 5 gallon bottles rack stacker in Panama

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A shocking message sent from a famous mineral water bottler in Panama, Central America was received by Sunswell recently. It says that the fully automatic 5 gallon bottles rack stacker developed and manufactured by Sunswell ran successfully in the customer’s bottling factory, which indeed helps the customer improve their existing bottling line’s efficiency. The customer was so happy for the improvement of their filling line and gave very high praise for Sunswell’s machine.



In North and Central America, 5 gallon bottles usually are stacked in plastic rack by horizontal way which is totally different from traditional vertical palletizing way. The vertical palletizing is usually realized by low level palletizer and robot palletizer. Therefore, few companies make such kind of rack stacker in the world. But Sunswell can do more although we never touched this machine before and no an existing machine in China. Sunswell invested research and development immediately after receiving request from the customer and got success finally.


The whole rack stacking system includes bottle incline machine, bottle elevating & pushing machine and online rack conveyor system. It can realize to stack up to 6 layers which can be set on HMI screen. The operation is very easy.

With fast speed of the rack stacker, the customer will discuss with Sunswell for a bigger 5 gallon water filling machine to meet highly increasing market demand because the rack stacker’s capacity is really big for their existing bottling machine. 

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