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Sunswell and a Costa Rica customer join hands again

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Costa Rica, a country rich in natural mineral water resources. Two years ago, Sunwell successfully helped a Costa Rican customer enter the local mineral water market.

The customer owns 100% pure spring water rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. The fresh and delicious taste of pure spring water from this area, which due to its geographical location, has no possibility of sources of external cross contamination in relation to industries that use pesticides, pesticides, agricultural industry waste or any other. With the unique high-quality mineral water, coupled with the help of Sunswell equipment, customers quickly opened up the local market, and the product became a hit.


After two years of successful development, the customer decided to expand the product range, enter the flavor water and tea beverage market, and enter the carbonated beverage market in the future. The good operation and stable quality of equipment of the first production line have been recognized by the customer, so Sunswell has become the customer's preferred supplier of equipment for the new project. After in-depth technical exchanges, the professional solutions provided by Sunswell made it impossible for customer to refuse, and the two parties soon decided to work together to sign a contract for the new project. The new project contract includes a 6000BPH (500ml) flavor water and tea beverage production line, which will also be compatible with the production of carbonated soft drink in the future. Specifically, it includes beverage pretreatment equipment, UHT sterilization equipment, isobaric filling machine, conveying system, hot melt glue labeling machine, film shrink wrapping machine and pallet stretch wrapper.


We believe that our customer’s new project will be successful, and they are bound to be successful. We are the leader in liquid beverage bottling and packaging machinery.  Sunswell, A-Z turnkey plant supplier, is known for developing innovative high-end products and new technologies.

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