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Sunswell and Aquanissi Spring Water work together again

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Aquanissi Spring Water Volcanic Water, S.A is a Costa Rican bottling company to bottle artesian spring water at the source. The Nissi Sprit high quality water is under strict controls, to guarantee a top-quality product, which contributes to the well-being and healthy lifestyle of the public that appreciates differentiated products.



Three years ago, Aquanissi purchased a 7000BPH 3-in-1 filling machine from Sunswell to upgrade their old linear filler. In the past three years, the efficient operation of Sunswell filling machine has greatly improved the efficiency of customer production lines. The original film packing machine can no longer meet the growing market demand. Therefore, the customer once again found Sunswell to upgrade the packaging equipment of the production line and asked for a fully automatic shrink film shrink wrapper. The new film shrink packing machine must be able to meet the needs of customers for a variety of bottle types and packaging specifications, and also be able to perform printed film packaging. According to customer needs and considering the limited area of the customer’s installation site, Sunswell recommended a brand-new fully-automatic printed film packer to the customer. This equipment has a high degree of automation and a smaller footprint. It was immediately recognized by the customer, thus quickly the second cooperation between the two parties was reached.



It is believed that the new film shrink wrapping machine will help the customer greatly improve the efficiency of the production line, and will meet the packaging needs of customers for producing high-end mineral water.

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