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Sunswell Water Bottling Machine with both Sport Cap and Screw Cap to Costa Rica

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Our water bottling machine to Costa Rica this month should be emphasized particularly to the public, due to its ability to fit for both sport cap and screw cap in the water bottle washing-filling-capping machine/ 3 in 1 water filling machine.

water bottling machine to Costo Rica.png

Capacity of this 16-16-5 model machine is 7,000bph base on 350ml and 500ml bottles, not a very big machine but suitable for Costa Rica market which has around 5 million consumers. Usually, the capping machine is used only for one cap model, but this time,to satisfy our customers’ demand, we designed two cap loaders and cap tunnels for both caps. When one cap model works, another capping machine would be stopped. We do trust that you could see how sophisticated our machine is through the capping machine pictures as follows: 

sport capping machine and screw capping machine.png

This machine is a good news for those beverage manufacturers who wants to expand his product rage with minimum cost. Sunswell Machinery shall be always stay by your side, considering all details for you and assist you to build your beverage empire dream!

Any more specification of this machine or other beverage making solutions needed, please do feel free to consult us!

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