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Sunswell Engineers Training for Better Progress

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SSW training 01

From June 27 to June 29, 2018, Sunswell Machinery hold a three-day technical training to help we salesman learn more about our advanced equipments and technics. For this training, we attach great value to it so we invite many engineers with rich experience for many years in the beverage industry to lecture for us. Today is first day as the beginning of this training.

In the morning, engineer Bao mainly explained us the different filling technology for water, juice, carbonated drinks and edible oil with different packages. He patiently introduced us the model of each machine, the features of the equipment, and the requirements of configuration. And another engineer Zi introduced each component of the water filling machine and told us that how important it is to ensure the capacity, bottle type and shape, and the size of bottle mouth before we offer our quotation to each client. As an very experienced engineer, he described very detailed during the course.

SSW training 02

In the afternoon, engineer Feng mainly introduced the can and PE bottles packaging, as well as our factory spotlight: aseptic filling technology used in juice, dairy products and energy drink with ambient temperature filing. We are so proud that we Sunswell is one of the few suppliers in China which is able to offer this high technology, expensive but material and energy cost saving machine. With our aseptic filling machine, client is able to save $0.016/bottle compared with hot filling Technology.

SSW training 03

All the above learning courses are so professional and attractive that all of the trainees listened very carefully. We hope our company can hold more training like this in the future and we value this opportunity very much because it helps us expand our knowledge to serve our clients well!

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