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Sunswell 9,000BPH Glass bottled Beer Production Line to Chinese Market

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Beer is a kind of unique flavored beverage. It is loved by the majority of people. The beer filling machine is the core equipment of the beer packaging production line. During the beer filling process, if there is spillage, high or low liquid level, oxygen content and bottleneck air exceeding the standard, it will directly affect the quality of the final product. we Sunswell machinery have rich experience in Beer filling and packaging production line with more than 10 years’ experience.


Recently we shipped a 9,000BPH glass bottled beer filling machine to Mainland. This production line including 4-in-1 washing-washing-filling-capping and Pasteurizer after filling. We use professional beer secondary vacuum valve to ensure the taste and shelf life of beer, The first vacuum, the O2 pick up content should be Not more than 0.15mg/L. Not more than 0.04mg/L for secondary vacuuming.


After filling, we use a tunnel-type hot water sterilizing system. The system is mainly composed of hot water supply, spray device and beer conveying device, and is generally divided into several different temperature sections along the length of the tunnel. Passes through the sterilization section and the cooling section along the conveyor belt, and then leaves the sterilizer at the other end.



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