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Sunswell 4 in 1 Fruit Pulp Juice Hot Filling Machine

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We all love to drink fruit juice,but very few care how they are manufactured,actually,when it comes to fruit juice manufacturing,we have to mention the hero:4 in 1 Fruit Pulp Juice Hot Filling Machine.Sunswell,as a professional in filling machines,we are also pride in our 4 in 1 juice pulp filling machine.


Sunswell 4 in 1 juice pulp filling machine production capacity varies from 2000BPH to is equipped with gravity filling system,and suitable for PET bottles with all volumes and shapes.


4-in-1 hot filling monoblock is composed of rinser, pulp filler, hot filler and capper, which adopts and absorbs advanced technology and is manufactured according to juice beverage with flesh production technical requirement. It uses Sunswell’s measure cup filling method for pulp and hot filling valve as filling method.


Let’s know more about the equipment’s structure

l  Rack

l  Rotary rinser

l  Rotary pulp filler

l  Rotary liquid filler / piston filler

l  Rotary capper

l  Bottle infeed and outfeed system

l  Control 

structure of 4 in 1 pulp juice hot filling machine.png

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