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Sunswell 10000JPH 250g Jam filling machine with fruit Pieces

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As is well known that Sunswell machinery has more than 10 years experience in beverage (water, juice, beer, and carbonated drinks) filling and packaging production line business.

Actually, apart from those machines, we also offer supplies(preforms, caps, labels). Also, we manufacture production line for Disinfectant water, edible oil, flavoring agent, daily chemical products and jam. Recently, we just finished a washing-filling-capping 3-in-1 machine for 250g strawberry jam packed in glass bottles with the capacity of 10,000Jars/hour.



This machine has 50 heads bottle washing heads, 36 heads of filling machine and 10 caps of capping machine. The filling technology we are using the latest technology: Plunger valve filling, using the principle of vacuum pump to prevent dripping after the jam filling is completed (for jam filling, dripping is the biggest problem). This machine will be shipped to Mainland, China.

Any interests. Please feel free to inform us to ask for details of this machine.

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