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Steps Involved in the Design of Water Treatment Plant

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There are quantities of people who wanted to start up a water treatment plant,but it is a pity that they did not exactly know how to design their own water treatment plant.Sunswell Liquid Packing Machinery,as a professional manufacturer of water treatment systems,also supplies water treatment solutions by knowing well about water treatment plant all over the world.There are some steps involved in the design of water treatment.


A) Assessment of water quality


B) Desired Treated water quality 


C) Selection of Treatment process


D) Water Treatment System Design 


E) Engineering  of the Treatment Plant


F) Project Execution


A - There are about 36 to 38 parameters that need to be analysed to assess the water quality. These are called water quality  Parameters and indicate presence of pollutants  in the water.These parameters are listed in State/Federal or Central pollution control board was site or a standard water treatment hand book.


Once the complete analysis is available it can be compared with the desired water quality or the treated effluent quality desired.Normally each type of industry  has a typical effluent quality and can be accessed through state ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION CONTROL AUTHORITIES. Similarly the effluent standard for each type of industry is prescribed by the State/ Federal  Pollution  Control  Authority. 


Based on above data the treatment  specialist  decides the treatment  scheme.A typical treatment  scheme involves Physicochemical  treatment like coagulation settlement of  suspended solids. Biological Treatment  to remove dissolved organics. Filtration er for removal of residual pollutants. 


For those process,you’d better find yourself the best water treatment system,which can customize adaptable water treatment solutions according to your needs and facts.

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