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Sleeve Labeling Machine

Sleeve labeling machine use PVC shrink sleeve label for plastic bottle, glass bottles as well as cans.
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Container forms have become diverse and labels are now used for many types of containers such as plastic, glass, or metallic ones. When using labels, illustrations and logos are printed on the reverse side of a film. Labels are very effective for enhancing a products appeal, since the whole label can be used to display the design.
All kinds of products in
Food and Beverage (Sauces, Spread, Prepared meal, Snacks, Soft drinks, Fruit juices, Water, Alcoholic drinks, etc.)
Dairy (Milk-based drink, Yogurt drink, Yogurt Cup, Coffee creamer, Ice cream, etc.)
Nutrition product/Supplement (Baby food, Healthy foods, etc.)
Home care (Laundry, Fabric care, Detergent, Cleaning products, etc.)
Personal Care (Hair care, Soap and Bath products, Oral care, Skin care, Cosmetics, etc.)
Capacity: 150-600BPM (500ml)
1.      Whole machine adopt qualified stainless steel and good-quality of aluminum alloy , compact and reasonable fracture, convenient to adjust;
2.      The label roll frame of shrinkage film with adjustable device, convenient to adjust according to differ volume label 5″~10″paper tube.
3.      Simply installation, then can convenient for square and round bottle. 
4.      No need of instrument, rotary mechanism is convenient to adjust, apply to different bottle type.
5.      Unique sleeve labeling method, adopt pressing sleeve labeling method, not only convenient but also reasonable.
6.      Control the feeding system automatically, and flat the shrinkage film and adjust strain simultaneity.
7.      Unique design knife plate, in the determined range, can change the knife base. Knife changing quickly and conveniently.
8.      Middle guide-pole clip system, mould changing quickly, no need any instrument. 
9.      Label location system, can promote and demote in-phase adjust location according to specific bottle type requirement.   
10.    Imported servo system and high-sensitivity photoelectric from Japan, with high cutting precision of label.
11.    Stainless steel electric control cabinet, OMRON PLC, imported from Japan.
12.    Adopt advanced man-computer Interface auto controlling technology, key electric component all adopt international famous industrial brand.

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