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Product Information

  • Preliminary analytical of pasteurizing tunnel

    Tunnel pasteurization machine is a continuous spraying, heat preservation, cooling sterilization equipment developed and promoted in the 1990s. Mainly used for all kinds of bottled, canned dairy drinks, fruit and vegetable juice, canned products of atmospheric sterilization; Can also be used for PET polyester bottle package of tea drink, fruit juice drinks after hot filling of the cooling and sparkling beverages, beer bottles.

  • Aluminum Can Depalletizer From Sunswell

    Depalletizer Function:The lifter position control by photoelectric sensor, locate automatically. Bottles auto output from the system. Appliance scopeFor various metal cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles for layered depalletizing. Depalletizer workflow and principles ● Hydraulic car put the whole s

  • Introduction of carbonated beverage Mixer (2)

    I. Selection and usage of plate heat exchanger for aerated beverage mixerThe solubility of CO₂ in water is greatly affected by temperature. The higher the temperature is, the lower the solubility is and the more unstable it is. This requires the production of gas drinks to be carried out in a low te

  • Ultra-heat treatment in SUNSWELL

    1) Ultra-high temperature processing (UHT), ultra-heat treatment, or ultra-pasteurization is a food processing technology that almost sterilizes liquid food by heating it above 135 °C (275 °F) – the temperature required to kill many bacterial endospores – for 2 to 5 seconds. UHT is most commonly use

  • Introduction of carbonated beverage Mixer (1)

    I. Characteristics of carbonated drinks:In recent years, China's beverage industry has developed rapidly, among which carbonated drinks have always occupied a larger share in the market.The foaming and stimulating taste of carbonated drinks comes from CO2, and the amount of CO2 used in drinks depend

  • Introduction of Different Labels

    For bottle labeling, there are mainly three kinds of labels - OPP label, self-adhesive label and PVC/PET shrink label. OPP label:Material: Adhesive BOPP film and pearl filmLength: According to customer requirementsHeight: According to customer requirementsThickness: in accordance with customer requi

  • Why aluminum bottled water is more and more popular

    Bottled water is healthy and convenient, but single-use plastic bottles are wreaking havoc on our environment, and especially our oceans. People are beginning to question how the foods they eat, the products they use, and even water they drink can affect their health. aluminum in and of itself does

  • Juice Preparation System For Juice Plant

    With the changes in consumer groups, in recent years, the juice market has been innovating and developing in the direction of diversification, enrichment and individualization. So, let’s say something about Juice Preparation Machinery.The juice preparation system is consist of main machines as below

  • SIP(sterilization in place)

    Overheated water method, hot water method, disinfectant methodApplication objects: equipment and pipelines in contact with the product;The purpose of application: to prevent the product from being polluted twice, to reduce the microbial load of disinfection and sterilization.

  • Liquid nitrogen dosing machine in food and beverage application

    Product Description:Liquid nitrogen filling machine is specially designed for production lines (edible oil, drinking water, food, beverage, etc.) A multi-functional nitrogen injection system accurately inject liquid nitrogen into each container, the injected liquid nitrogen is then vaporized to form

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