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Product Information

  • Five Advantages of Milk Filling Production Line

    Every diary production industry understands that efficiency is very important. But then, what are the components of a typical diary or milk production industry that contributes or ensures efficiency of production?

  • Carbonated Drink Mixer From Sunswell

    Drink mixers are the non-alcoholic ingredients in mixed drinks and cocktails. There are many reasons mixers are used. They change or enhance flavors or add new ones to a drink. Mixers dilute the drink, lowering the alcohol by volume in the drink.

  • Three Parts of Carbonated Beverage Equipment

    The carbonated beverage equipment is mainly composed of three parts, rinsing, filling and capping.

  • What is the Craft Beer

    The history of Beer is very long and Beer is also a very important drink in people's daily life. Although there are too much kinds of Drinks on the market, Beer is far from being replaced by other drinks.In recent years, there has been a Craft Beer on the market. So what is the Craft Beer?

  • Packaging and Soft Drinks

    Non-alcoholic beverages are packaged in a variety of formats: Glass, cans, cartons and plastic bottles known as PET.


    The carbonated drink making process is the combination of carefully selected steps and methods towards the production of a carbonated drink.

  • Handing Key to Turkish Client for a 12,000BPH Glass Bottled Juice Prodution Line

    In the middle of May. All our engineers came back completely after one and half month working in Goknur, Adana, Turkey for a 12,000BPH 1L Glass bottled juice production line installation and commissioning. This client is mainly doing OEM juice for different companies with their own brand names.

  • Sunswell Helps Costa Rica Customer Build Ideal Water Bottling Plant

    In March 2019, Sunswell and a Costa Rica customer signed the contract for supply of a 7000BPH (500ml) bottled water production line and a 450BPH(5gallon) water bottling line. The contract was implemented successfully in April.

  • Water Treatment for Beverage Industry at Sunswell

    Beverage manufacturers and processors face unique challenges in the area of water treatment. Water sources, disinfection processes and treatment residuals can affect the taste and quality of the final product.

  • Brief: Maldives 1200 BPH Waterline Successfully Completed Acceptance and Delivery

    On April 25,Maldives 12000BPH (330 ml,500ml and 1500ml)completed acceptance as scheduled and began loading and shipping.

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