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Product Information

  • Technology Comparison Between Hot filling and Aseptic Cold Filling (1)

    Generally speaking, we have two methods for juice filling, one is hot filling, the other is aseptic cold filling. Actually we adopts hot filling more often than aseptic cold filling.Hot filling refers to the process of filling the fruit and vegetable juice in a hot state after sterilization, and ste

  • 7000BPH Litchi Drink Flavor Beverage Whole Plant for Bangladesh

    The People's Republic of Bangladesh, Referred to as Bangladesh, South Asian Countries, is located in the north of the Bay of Bengal. A small part of the southeastern mountainous area is adjacent to Myanmar, and the east, west and north sides are adjacent to India.

  • What Is Two-piece Can, Three-piece Can?

    Metal cans are cans what we often call. The can lid and the can body are produced separately and finally assembled together. There are two types of materials for making cans: aluminum and tinplate.

  • Film, Carton, Half Tray with Film.... Which Package do You Prefer?

    As is well known, the final process of the beverage filling and packaging line is the shrink wrapping machine. PE film is the most common seen in the market while other packages are also popular especially for Cans and glass bottles. Sunswell is able to offer all of those packaging method machines with various capacity.

  • Differences Between Packaged Drinking Water in the Market

    Natural mineral water, drinking natural water, drinking distilled water, pure water, mineral water, there are so many drinking water species in the market, what is their difference?Natural mineral waterNatural mineral water is underground mineral water formed under specific geological conditions and existing in a specific geological structure rock formation.

  • Brief Introduction of Aseptic Filling

    Aseptic filling refers to the filling of the product under aseptic conditions. When filling under aseptic conditions, the parts of the equipment that may cause microbial contamination of the product remain sterile, so it is not necessary to add preservatives to the product, and it is not necessary to perform post-sterilization after filling and sealing the product.

  • Sunswell Handle Applicator for Big Bottles

    With the improvement of living standards, more and more people began to pursue a healthy life, 5 gallon /20L water gradually replaced by big / large size (3L,4L, 5L, 6L, 7L, 10L ) bottled portable water / drinking water/mineral water.

  • Introduction of Blowing-Filling-Capping Combiblock from Sunswell

    Sunswell Blowing-filling-capping combiblock is an integrated machine that combines blowing, filling and capping together, reducing intermediate aspects such as transfer, empty bottle handling, stacking and storage processes, thus improving packaging hygiene, reducing cross-contamination and improving packaging hygiene

  • Machine installation and commissioning in Maldives

    After 70 days manufacturing and 30 days shipping, our two sets of water bottling lines with the capacity of 5,000bph and 10,000bph separately has arrived at different islands of Maldives safely. Another two lines of blowing-filling-capping combiblock for water has been prepared in our factory for same client.

  • 5000BPH Vinegar Filling Machine for Both Glass & PET Bottle

    Condiments are divided into liquid and sauces forms. The most common seen products are Soy sauce, vinegar and tomato sauce. The filling technology is more complex than beverage in machine corrosion resistance, product bubbling and filling valve dripping. Sunswell machinery is able to solve all these problems at the same time ensuring accurate filling volume.

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