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Order from the country of the equator

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Ecuador is a magical country, and some people say that it is the country closest to the sun, so it is also known as the "country of the equator." There is no over-exploitation here, it is still a pure and beautiful holy land! It has also been rated as one of the 50 places to go in a lifetime!


Just after the Chinese New Year, Sunswell received an order from the customer in Ecuador. In response to the individual needs of customers: high altitude (over 2000 meters), multi-product compatibility (carbonated beverages, non-carbonated beverages, carbonated water and still glacial water), Sunswell will tailor a 18000CPH canning line for the customer, including water treatment system, beverage pre-treatment system, UHT,carbonation mixer, depalletizer, can rinser, can filling and sealing machine, liquid nitrogen dosing machine, concentrated liquid dosing machine, liquid level detecting machine , conveyor system, sleeve labeling machine, film shrink wrapping machine, pallet stretch wrapper and auxiliary equipment of the production line such as chiller, boiler and air compressor.



This cooperation once again reflects Sunswell's entire plant engineering capabilities and the concept of focusing on customers.


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