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Order from US customer for aluminum bottle water bottling machine

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In the United States, people are paying more and more attention to low-carbon environmentally friendly packaging. For bottled water, new aluminum bottle packaging that replaces traditional PET bottle packaging is becoming more and more popular.

aluminum bottle water

In order to meet the growing market demand, a customer from California recently ordered aluminum bottle packaging drinking water equipment with us. The order includes a fully automatic bottle rinser, a rotary filler and a ROPP capper. The ROPP capping machine will equip automatic cap elevator and sorter. All machine will be designed with quick changeover for different bottle sizes.

aluminum bottle water

To break the status quo of an industry based on plastic, new packaging of low-carbon and environmentally friendly aluminum bottles will be recognized by more and more consumers. Sunswell is committed to contributing to provide packaging solution to boost the new packaging water market.

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