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Order from Sri Lanka

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The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka), formerly known as Ceylon, is a tropical island country located in the Indian Ocean. In ancient China, it was called the Lion Country, and the Sinhala. Sri Lanka means "Happy Land" or "Land of Light and Prosperity" in Sinhalese. It has the reputation of "Gem Kingdom" and "Pearl of the Indian Ocean". It is considered by Marco Polo to be the most beautiful island.


After nearly a year of project communication with client, at the end of the last Chinese New Year, we finally received LC from client. Sunswell will provide a PET preform and bottle making line for client to release new products. This line includes PET preform servo injection molding machine, PET bottle blow molding machine and some auxiliary equipment of the line, such as manipulator, chiller and air compressor.


This nearly year-long communication and the final cooperation fully demonstrated the trust from client to Sunswell.


Sunswell, A-Z turnkey plant supplier, is always committed to providing the best quality pre-sales and after-sales service.

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