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One 40 ft HQ Container Shipped To Suriname

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At the begin of November,one set of PET blowing machine together with it’s auxiliary equipment was finished testing and shipping to Suriname.


This machine is main used for blowing daily use products,such as liquid soap bottle, hand washing bottle,toilet cleaner bottle,dish washing bottle,etc.


We considered many for our clients,from preform and cap choosing,bottle designing,to filling ,labeling and packaging.the main characteristics of this blowing machine as below:

 If the preform cannot be automatically feeder,it can be manually insert.


To ensure that the preform mouth is not heated, a blower is specially installed for the preform seat


The preform seat is made of aviation aluminum material for faster heat dissipation. it is easy to replace (the whole machine replaces within 5 minutes)

 aviation aluminum perfom seat

The way of discharging bottles can be dispensed with a card board or a robot according to product requirement.

bottle discharging

bottle discharging


The electrical appliances are distributed in a concentrated and regular manner, and the wires are clearly colored and numbered; there are exclusive labels on each original electrical appliance, which is clearly organized and easy to maintain.

 electrical appliances

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