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New opportunities for the daily chemical washing industry

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The most common keywords in the fight against the epidemic is "washing", "disinfection", and "sterilization” With the normalization of epidemics around the world, personal hygiene, protection and disinfection have become more common, which has also driven the consumption of small-capacity bottles. As the first choice in the daily chemical industry, PE bottles have developed particularly rapidly this year.


SUNSWELL MACHINERY provide not only PET bottle blowing machine, but also PE bottle blow molding machine.

Blow molding machine 2blow molding machine 3

blow molding machine 4blow molding machine 5

blow molding machine 6blow molding machine 7

Sunswell product range covers all types of machinery for packaging of liquid including hand sanitizer, disinfectant ,75% alcohol disinfectant etc.


As a turnkey plant supplier, we provide from bottle blowing machine to homogeneous mixer to filling capping labelling machine.


If you are thinking of opening a detergent or cosmetics production factory, you can contact Sunswell and look forward to providing you with professional consulting services!

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