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MBM Manufacturing (Thailand): Sunswell is the most Reliable Supplier

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Two carbonated drink production lines: 5,000BPH for Plastic bottle, 5,000CPH for aluminum Can has been shipped to MBM Manufacturing from Thailand, waiting for installation and commissioning after Coronavirus.

Sunswell is the most Reliable Supplier-7

MBM Manufacturing is Founded by a Famous Country style singer star named Mr. Sornthepsornthong Kongthongmaneeroj. This is a new factory, aiming at doing OEM for clients, at the same time will establish its own brand.

Sunswell is the most Reliable Supplier-2

After visiting, evaluating and constantly communicating, MBM confirmed that Sunswell is the most reliable supplier among all the competitors. Without doubt We Sunswell got the order which including following machines:

Sunswell is the most Reliable Supplier-3Sunswell is the most Reliable Supplier-4Sunswell is the most Reliable Supplier-5Sunswell is the most Reliable Supplier-8

1. 5t/hr One-stage RO Water Treatment System 

2. 3t/hr Pre-treatment Syrup Mixing System

3. 3-in-1Washing-Filling-Capping (18-18-6)

4. Empty Can depalletizer

5. 2-in- 1 Filling-Seaming (18-6)

6. Warmer

7. Full-auto Shrink-Wrapping Machine

7 Containers have been delivered to the workshop of MBM manufacturing. Because of Coronavirus, the installation and commissioning have been delayed. But we do believe that the Good things always comes last!

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