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Liquid nitrogen dosing machine in food and beverage application

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Product Description:

Liquid nitrogen filling machine is specially designed for production lines (edible oil, drinking water, food, beverage, etc.) 

A multi-functional nitrogen injection system accurately inject liquid nitrogen into each container, the injected liquid nitrogen is then vaporized to form an internal pressure, which increases the stacking load rate of the container, and at the same time pushes out the oxygen in the container for the purpose of inerting and oxygen isolation.

Technical Parameters:


SUS 304





Doser size


Doser arm size




Supply source

liquid nitrogen:3-22psi(0.2-1.5bar)

air nitrogen:60-100psi(4.1-6.9bar)





Operating Principle:

1) Liquid nitrogen (LN2) is first transferred from the storage tank to the nitrogen injection head through the vacuum insulation tube.

2) The first sensor detects the line speed, the second sensor senses the container, and calculate the required liquid nitrogen, injection volume based on the container speed.

3) Once the container is sensed, the filling valve is opened and a fixed amount of liquid nitrogen is injected.

4) The entire process is controlled by the programmable logic controller ,sensor and human-machine interface.




Characteristics : 

1. Nitrogen positive pressure protection-the nozzle is protected by dry nitrogen positive pressure to prevent frost and ice
blocking inside the nozzle

2. The exhaust port is excluded from the top and connected to the outdoor through a vacuum tube (optional)

3. Adopt differential pressure liquid level gauge-high liquid level accuracy, tank has gas-liquid separation function,
realize pressureless filling 

4. Accurate nitrogen injection-provides stable and accurate nitrogen injection

5. Individual filling-interval filling mode below 300CPM

6. Individual filling or continuous filling-the speed can be set by the user

7. Vacuuminsulation technology-improve the use efficiency of liquid nitrogen

8. Soft filling compatible-suitable for hot filling, powder, and granular, edible oil products

9. Micro-filling technology-the consistency and accuracy of nitrogen injection cover all line


Controller specifications :



Filling time

15-1000 ms

Filling amount

0.01-14 g

Filling accuracy





150-600 bpm


Advantages : 

1. Lightweight PET bottles-reduce the weight of PET to save costs and environmental protection

2. Extend the shelf life — oxygen content is reduced to a minimum

3. Glass is changed to plastic packaging — to eliminate the physical hazard and weight of glass bottles

4. Easy labeling — consistent bottle wall hardness, improving high labeling efficiency

5. Bottle sturdiness — maintain the original shape of the lightweight bottle

6. Reduce the use of oxygen — the saving performance of liquid nitrogen filling can be measured and copied

7. Eliminate flat bottles — increase bottle pressure to eliminate the problem of flat bottles

8. Increase the utilization rate of warehouse space — improve product stacking capacity and reduce the use area

9. Hypoxic function — inert packaging to maintain product freshness

10. Maintain the quality of organic products —no preservatives needed to extend shelf life.


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