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Key Points of CIP Selection

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CIP is the abbreviation of "clean in place", is a method that does not need to dismantle or move equipment, under closed conditions, with a certain temperature and concentration of cleaning liquid to the device to exert a strong effect, clean the contact surface with food.

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It is a complete set of technical system including equipment, pipes, operating procedures, cleaning agent formula, automatic control and monitoring requirements. It can be used to clean dirt by the circulation flow of controlled cleaning fluid according to the fluid dynamics analysis without disassembly, without moving equipment and pipe lines.

Advantages of CIP cleaning :(1) can save labor, can prevent misoperation, improve cleaning efficiency and more safe and reliable;(2) save cleaning water and steam;(3) can maintain a certain cleaning effect, prevent microbial contamination, avoid the impact between batches, ensure the safety of products.(4) rationalize the production plan, save the operation time and improve the efficiency to maximize the commercial profit.

CIP classification: according to the independent classification of the tank can be divided into the joint and split; According to the number of cleaning liquid storage tank is divided into single tank mode(One circulating tank,chemicals are added online for use where cleaning fluid is not recycled), double tank mode(Chemical storage tank + clean water tank, used to clean places with special requirements, such as mineral water;Or two chemical storage tanks for places with adequate water supply), three tank mode(Acid tank + alkali tank + water tank), four tank mode(Acid tank + alkali tank + water tank+ hot water tank);

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According to the control mode can be divided into: automatic mode, semi-automatic mode, manual mode;

According to the exit channel can be divided into: single output channel, double output channel, multi-output channel; Multi-output channel is a more economical choice, because the cleaning cycle of an object is generally 1-2 hours, multi-output channel can simultaneously clean multiple devices and pipelines, effectively improve production efficiency.

Heating type of CIP :(1) saturated steam (4-6bar) Factory with steam source is preferred; (2) electric heating; Drinking water plant without steam source can choose.

According to the configuration, CIP can be divided into standard configuration and economy, which generally reduces the conductivity from the standard 3 to 1, and is used for discontinuous use of cleaning liquid, such as the automatic CIP configuration of filling machine, in the case of stable water supply pressure and flow, the tank can be omitted or reduced volume.

In short, a comprehensive understanding of the customer's industrial base and production needs will help the customer to find an economical and reliable CIP selection.

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