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Juice Preparation System For Juice Plant

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With the changes in consumer groups, in recent years, the juice market has been innovating and developing in the direction of diversification, enrichment and individualization. So, let’s say something about Juice Preparation Machinery.

The juice preparation system is consist of main machines as below:

1. Hot water system

Hot water system

Provide hot water for sugar dissolving, juice blending and CIP.

2. Sugar Dissolve Unit

Sugar Dissolve Unit

Dissolve one or more materials (water-soluble solid phase, liquid phase, or jelly, etc.) into another liquid phase and hydrate it into a relatively stable emulsion.

3. Juice Blending Unit

Juice Blending Unit

Stir, mix, blend, and homogenize the materials. The design structure and configuration can be standardized according to the requirements of the production process. Stirred tank during agitation can be achieved feed control, the feed control, stirring and other manual controls automatic control.


4. Juice Sterilizer unit

Tubular ultra-high temperature sterilizer

Juice Sterilizer unit

Tubular UHT is controlled automatically, which considers exterior factors influence on sterilizing temperature, equips high-precision product/water temperature difference control and ensures equipment operation, technical index and material quality PLC control without complicated manual operation and surveillance. It also configures with CIP and SIP system for pre-/after production and can achieve rinsing and sterilizing requirements of equipments.


Automatic tubular UHT sterilizes product within a fully-closed system with instant heating and cooling processing, which has less influence on product flavor and nutrition, avoiding second product pollution. Product pumps from closed balance tank, processed by ultra-high temperature, and then cools down to filling temperature, feeding to filler. Heating of product sterilizing uses over-heated water as medium. Filling exit temperature adjustment adopts cooling water as medium with high temperature control precision. All program can be preset according to technics and only needs index on touch screen, and then UHT can be operated according to set program.


Plate ultra-high temperature sterilizer

Plate ultra-high temperature sterilizer

Ultra-High Temperature plate-type is fully automatic plate which works at the division of general condition. The outer environment to the temperature of sterilization is highly concerned, to ensure the proper operation and quality of materials. For the requirement of hot filling techniques, 3-phase exchanger system is invited to utilize the heat source efficiently and lessen energy consumption. Water is used in both the adjustment of heating of materials and filling temperatures, to get high precise temperature control. All procedures can be designed according to the precondition of actual technics.

5. Homogenizer


The material is refined under the triple action of extrusion, strong impact and loss of pressure expansion, so that the materials can be more uniformly mixed with each other


6. CIP(clean in place) system

CIP(clean in place) system

It is a system as a special equipment for beverage processing and filling equipment cleaning. It provides three working program for acid wash, alkali wash and water wash, and it is available to manually set acid and alkali concentration and hot water temperature.

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