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Jelly Candy dosing machine shipped to Mexico

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Sweet candies always make people happy. Especially for ladies and kids. Our client in Mexico dedicated in beverage business entrusted us to help them source the jelly making machine to expand their business. Now the machines are almost finished and to be shipped. It is a production line with the capacity of 80kg/hr. a smallest capacity to start the business.

The whole procedure of the jelly candy making line is very simple. Sugar, water and gum are the main components. For gelatin, the most commonly used is gelatin and Pectin. Pectin Is more expensive but healthier. So, first step, we melt the sugar, then the pectin, secondly, mix them together. Then dosing into the molds in different shapes, then drying and coating with sugar.

different shapes

jelly candy machine

The jelly candy machines seem to be simple. But also there are many points to be careful, and those points determine the quality of the machines. For example, all the steel we are using SS304 to avoid any rust in the long-term. For molds, we use screw fixing structure, and the length of the threaded hole is required to be extended. This is used in case of any mold drop during the production line. The jelly dosing machine we use servo type not cylinder type to raise doing precision.

Sunswell is always focus on details of the machine to improve our machine quality to satisfy clients.

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