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Introduction to SSW New Beer Canning Machine

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We would like to introduce our Latest technology of beer canning machine with 6 filling heads and 1 sealing head, reaching 1,800cans/hr. The extraordinary character of the machine is to control the amount of O2 amazingly to less than 20 PPB! The appearance of our machine will bring huge happiness for client who has a strict criteria of beer packaged by cans.

new beer canning machine.png

Selling points of our TD-DL06:

l Control the amount of O2 to less than 20 PPB.

l We use Electromagnetic Flowmeter filling heads to control liquid precison.

l We adopt Ceramic Roll Sealer.

ssw new beer can filling machine details.png

This machine is suitable for cans Dia within 202mm, height between 70 to170mm. Welcome to consult!

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