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In the post-Coronvirus, low-temperature fresh milk ushered in explosive growth

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Under the epidemic situation, "drinking milk to fight against epidemic" has become a just need

Sudden outbreaks and improving immunity have become weapons for everyone. The National Health and Health Commission and other departments have recently issued guidelines clearly stating that “try to drink 300g of milk or milk products every day”. The official guidance points out that exercise, reasonable diet, and nutritional collocation can all play a role in enhancing immunity, and ingesting dairy products is a more convenient and effective way to improve immunity.

Therefore, during the epidemic, dairy products were sought after by consumers due to his health attributes, and sales increased all the way. Suddenly, "drinking milk against the epidemic" has become a market demand, especially fresh milk products with extremely rich nutritional value. Because of its short shelf life and better retention of nutrients, it has become a consumer epidemic prevention and control Important supplies.

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Inflection point appears, low-temperature fresh milk will explode.

Throughout the global market, low-temperature fresh milk is the dominant market in Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea, which are similar to Chinese eating habits. Fresh milk retains a large amount of active protein substances, and its nutritional value is higher than normal temperature milk. The Chinese consumers under the epidemic have a deeper understanding of nutrition and freshness. The consumption of dairy products will undergo structural changes, and the demand for low-temperature fresh milk will continue to increase.

Under the general trend of consumption upgrade, Chinese consumers are increasingly concerned about the nutrition, taste and freshness of dairy products. Previous data from the international survey company Kantar Consumer Index confirmed this. Consumers are paying more attention to health, thus promoting fresher (low temperature fresh milk), higher quality (vegetable protein, double protein, high protein), and lower burden Demand for dairy products (zero addition, low sugar, low fat) has grown.

The dairy industry is an indispensable industry for a healthy China and a strong nation. The advent of the golden age of low-temperature fresh milk will also place higher requirements on key elements such as milk sources, scientific research technology, and cold chain distribution. Only companies that have become the core competence in technological innovation and scale effect can take the lead.

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