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How Does the Hot Juice Filling Machine Work?

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What is the Hot Filling Technology?


Nowadays, we often use Hot Filling Machine for fruit juice.Hot filling is the process of sterilizing the product and inside of a bottle or container and cap or closure in order to ensure the safety of the product and prolong its shelf life. Without hot filling, harmful bacteria in the bottle or liquid could damage or contaminate the product, making it unsafe to consume or causing it to go bad before it should. This process will allow for a longer shelf life, resulting in fewer discarded products.

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How does the Hot Juice Filling Machine Work?


Generally,the automatic 4 in1 Juice Filling Machine Production Line is popular among customers.This hot juice filler combines rinsing machine,pulp machine,juice filling machine and capping machine together.


1. Rinsing machine


Rotating discs l areal welded frame high-quality stainless steel together.Using our unique turning-over bottle clamp, bottle clamps lock the bottleneck, avoiding contamination on the bottle screw of the traditional bottle clamp on the rubber blocks Folder using high-quality stainless steel bottle,health, and durable.Spray nozzles are high-efficient, and can wash into any part of the bottle wall, so that to achieve the best results and can save rinsing water.


2. Pulp filling:


Separate filling of pulp and juice solve the problem of uneven content of pulp.Filling valve structure has no dead corners, there is a reliable cleaning false cup, which can make an effective CIP cleaning and SIP sterilization of the inner and outer wall of the valve that contact with material.with many years of production experience of aseptic juice filling machine to improve manufacturing process. Most parts are using high-quality stainless steel to improve resistance to corrosion.


3. Juice filling:


With many years of production experience aseptic juice filling machine to improve manufacturing process. Most parts are using high-quality stainless steel to improve resistance to corrosion.Extensive use of German igus corrosion maintenance-free bearings, to reduce environmental pollution caused by filling Use gravity filling method, the storage hopper is whole-closed structure. Balance tank adopts no dead corners design. Structural design is reasonable, and the equipment running smoothly.


4. Capping machine:


Introduced the most advanced technology from abroad, and combined with our experience at aseptic filling, our capping machine can work at a high efficiency. The capping head adopt magnetic torque device with adjustment index dial, which can adjust the torque according to the production line conveniently.There is the device to prevent the reserved cap conveyed and reserved cap take out device on the cap convey system.


If you have the demand of hot filling for fruit juice or dairy food.Please contact Sunswell to get the complete solution.


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