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Flow Meter Birdnest Drink Canning Line

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In 2016 , Sunswell Machinery has export two sets of Filling Machine to Vietnam for Bird's Nest Products . One is for 18000CPH , Flow Meter Birdnest Drink Canning Line . Another one is 18000BPH , Flow Meter Bird’s Nest Drink Glass Bottling Line.



Last month our customer ordered another 6 head Can Seaming Machine for Bird’s Nest , Capcity is 18000CPH to meet the growing demand .




It is suitable for Aluminun or Pet pop can Seaming .


Filled Can will be send to conveyor chain , then to the seamer . Seamer will feed lid , turn over the adge of can and turn the edge to finished the sealing action by the control cam , After that can is transferred to conveying system.


The electronic control components like PLC and transducer are from Mitsubishi ,Omron ,Etc. The pneuatic devices are also from international famous brand.

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