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Disinfectant Filling Machine , Help Fight Against Epidemic

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Because of COVID-19, the global demand for disinfectants has risen sharply.In the battle against the new coronavirus pneumonia, as the demand for various types of disinfectants increased, the market demand for disinfectant fillers / production lines also increased rapidly.

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There are many accessories for the disinfectant filling machine:motors (main motor, conveying motor, capping motor, filling servo motor, etc.), PLC, relay, inverter, touch screen, button, contactor, cylinder, etc .The quality of electrical components is related to the quality and stability of the equipment. 

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Sunswell,a regular filling machine manufacturers,we have strict product control, perfect after-sales service, and many cases and product videos.we are specialized in Disinfectant filling machinery.

As a turnkey plant supplier,we also provide screw capping machine,labeling machine,print machine,conveyor,etc. provide customers with solutions for whole plant equipment


We Sunswell have 10+ years of global market experience,have large number of customers worldwide and various range of possible end products.our products is widely used in food, medicine, pesticide, chemical and other industries, such as lubricate oil, cooking oil, liquid detergent, shampoo, water,tomato sauce or salad paste.

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