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Determination of COP process conditions

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1.Determination of COP cleaning machine concentration

Increasing the concentration of washing liquid can promote the chemical force between washing liquid and dirt and enhance the cleaning effect;

Excessive concentration may cause waste of resources and even side effects, such as corrosion;

Each detergent has an optimal concentration, more or less than this concentration will affect the cleaning effect;

The best concentration of detergent should be confirmed with the supplier.

2. Determination of COP cleaning time

Spray foam uniformly on the surface of the equipment, and the thickness of the foam meets the requirements of the supplier. It needs to be kept for a certain time to play a chemical and mechanical role, generally 5 to 15 minutes.

3. Determination of COP foaming ability

Role: Blasting force, increase contact area, improve wall hanging ability;

Foaming ability control: foam cleaning agent varieties; Concentration of foam cleaner; Select the appropriate compressed air pressure and air volume.

4. Determine the COP cleaning process

One step: water/alkaline foam/acid foam;

Three steps: water/alkaline (acidic) foam/water;

Five steps: water/alkaline foam/water/acid foam/water.

5. Note for COP cleaning operation

The rotation effect of the ball should be determined before automatic COP is used;

Strictly implement the COP cleaning process parameters and cleaning steps;

Master the determination method of detergent concentration;

Effective detection of cleaning concentration.

Safety: Be familiar with the properties and safety of cleaning agents;

Be familiar with first aid measures;

Provide and wear necessary protective equipment;

Provide necessary first aid.

6. Verification of COP coverage effect - tinting test

Objective: To check whether the surface of the equipment can be covered by the automatic foam cleaning system, and achieve the cleaning effect, there is no dead zone of cleaning;

Steps: prepare a syrup of sunset yellow dye with 8 to 10BRIX sugar;

Spray the syrup evenly on all surfaces of the equipment with a spray bottle and let stand and dry for 30 minutes to 2 hours;

Execute COP/SOP procedures according to standard procedures;

Observe the residual condition of syrup. The area with syrup residue indicates the dead area of cleaning.

7. Check COP cleaning effect

No visible dirt on the surface, no odor;

Touch the surface with fingers without greasy or rough feeling;

Wipe repeatedly with a brand new white paper towel without stains or discoloration;

When water flows over the surface of the equipment, there are not many broken marks;

No fluorescence was detected by uv irradiation with a wavelength of 340-380mm.

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Determination of COP process conditions

Determination of COP process conditions

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