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Choose auto or semi-auto bottle blow molding machine

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When it comes to what kind of bottle blow molding machine should choose,maybe everyone would say:choose according to your reality,but almost everyone knows that automatic blow molding machine is better.but why? And how to choose auto or semi-auto bottle blow molding machine according to your reality?


Firstly,let’s see a introduction sheet of blow molding machines

 technical sheet of auto and semi-auto blow molding machines.jpg

As we can see from the chart,semi-auto blow molding machines can be manufactured in 3 series,while there is just one series for automatic ones.Of course,semi-auto blow molding machines have more specific models than fully automatic blow molding machine.Production capacity of both blow molding machines are apparently different,it is obviously that fully automatic blow molding machines have higher capacity.If you choose semi-auto ones,that means that you have more volume sizes to choose.While the fully automatic blow molding machines only have 0.05 liter-2 liters and 5 gallon volumes.


So please consider about the blow molding machine operation process,production capacity and choose the right one among a great many of blow molding machine manufacturers.

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