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Bright Prospects for Water Filling Machine Manufacturer

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Abbreviated OBOR,as we all know,it is the One Belt One Road,also known as The Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road.With the initiation of China, OBOR forum has just finished.Now let us see what bright prospects will be for water filling machine manufacturer.


Firstly,Supplier of Beverage Filling Packaging Machine will have expansive export market

There are totally 65 countries along the Belt and Road,including 11 countries of Eastern Asia,18 countries of Western Asia,8 countries of South Asia,5 countries of Central Asia,8 countries of CIS and 16 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.Among all of these countries,Countries in Western Asia like Iran,Arabia and Turkey are all huge export markets of beverage bottling equipment.


Secondly,water filling machine manufacturer will benefit a lot from Preferential Policy

To strengthen the cooperation between countries,some preferential policies must come up,like tariff concession,regular communication between countries.Of course,this will help Chinese beverage filling machine manufacturers,include Links Filling Machinery, absorb excellent high technology in beverage bottle filling production line manufacturing and get improved.


Sunswell Beverage Filling Machinery,as a manufacturer and supplier of beverage filling and packing machines with more than 15 years of professional experience really hopes to get developed under the OBOR construction background.

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