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Breaktrough of Sunswell in PET contractile barrel Filling line

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Nowdays, PET large-capacity packaging (12L) contractile barrel of drinking water attracts the worldwide attention by its virtue of safe, healthy, fresh, pollution-free saving raw materials etc.

Sunswell developed a leading breaktrough technology deomestically of a 12L ( bottle preform only 110g) PET contractile barrel drinking water production line including blowing, filling, capping, transferring, labeling, packing, palletizing, controlling and other aspects.

Attached: Comparison of PET contractile barreled water and PC barreled water


Lightweight PET contractile barreled water

Traditional 3-5 gallons PC barreled water





Raw material



Food hygiene grade 1 PET material

Use PC hygienic grade 7 material, however some small companies use inferior materials as raw materials for the barrels, which contains harmful substances, and are easily incorporated into water to cause water pollution

Packing Material Permeability

02: cc mil/100inc2 everyday 5

CO2: cc mil/100inc2 everyday 19

Steam: g mil/100inc2 everyday 0.4

Organics: cc mil/100inc2 everyday 4.3

02: cc mil/100inc2 everyday 250

CO2: cc mil/100inc2 everyday 1600

Steam: g mil/100inc2 everyday 2.5

Organics: cc mil/100inc2 everyday 33

Material Security

cannot be incorporated into other materials

Some PC barrels add non-food grade colorants

Production Process

After the blowing machine blows bottles, CIP filling and capping

Purchasing empty barrels or after recycling to store into warehouse temporarily, filling offline



Lightweight PET contractile barreled water

Traditional 3-5 gallons PC barreled water





One-time use without any chemicals

Reuse, the recycled barrels are treated by chemical treatment such as sodium hydroxide, peracetic acid, and so on, residual chemicals for a long time would make barrels metamorphic pollution

Ecological Protection

PET is a renewable environmental protection material

Although PC is renewable, it is not necessarily environmentally friendly



Packing Material Precipitation



PET can withstand high temperature and no harmful substance can be precipitated

PC barrels cannot withstand high temperatures and UV radiation and BPA (bisphenol A can cause cancerous and other functional disorders) can be precipitated


Drinking Hygiene


Full sealed without air contact when drinking placed

When drinking, there was air entering into. After drinking for 5 days, the hygiene of barreled water dropped sharply. The qualification rate on the seventh day was 20%. On the 10th day, the total number of colonies exceeded the standard






The cost of raw material reduces 40%

The cost of raw materials is 40% higher than that of PET, requiring large deposits to purchase empty barrels and large amounts of money to pay for damaged barrels each year




One-time use, there is no recovery transportation costs

Reuse, need to transport empty barrels for recycling, which not only causes environmental pollution, but also requires high logistics costs





No need to store empty barrels, which reducing plant space

Large space for storage is required, and a large number of people are required to carry it, thereby the labor costs are increased




Packing Material Performance

There is no omission inside the container because the container is through the injection -pulling - blowing process, and the surface is smooth, hygienic, transparent and clean. PET is semi clean, and the injection process is not easy to break. density: 1.33-1.36g/cm3



PC is a non qualitative organization, which is easy to break, it is the extrusion process, density:1.20g/cm3



Lightweight PET contractile barreled water

Traditional 3-5 gallons PC barreled water








Secondary Pollution

The drinking dispenser is an atmospheric negative pressure working principle. When the water is taken out, the internal negative pressure is caused, the external atmosphere is higher than the internal pressure, and the container is compressed according to a special designed line to achieve the purpose of water intake, so no external air enters and no pollution is caused.


The amount of the water which comes out from drinking dispenser is the same amount of air which enters into the barrel. External air enters into the barrel and is accompanied by bacteria and magazines. Even in a clean environment, There are 4,000 bacteria in about every cubic meter of air, and the bacteria in external environment have strong bacteria activity, high survival rate, rapid reproduction speed, which has large pollution to barreled water




For the elderly and housewives, it is very convenient to replace by themselves, and the extended shelf life during drinking will not cause the waste of water resources

It must be replaced by water workers, and the elderly and housewives can not replace by themselves, at the same time, the shelf life after placing water dispenser is only 3-7 days (summer - winter), which leads to waste if not drinking completely`



Sales Radius

Carton packaging can spread the goods to a further market and it is convenient that high-end mineral water is sold to the intensive consumer market

Restricted by barrel recycling, the sales radius is within 100 kilometers

Consumer Experience

One-time, transparent, clean, closed

Repeated use, surface wear, air contact

PET contractile barrel bottled water is destined to become be a trend in the coming future. Please contact us freely for more information of our machines!

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