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Blowing-Filling-Capping Combiblock : why choose Sunswell

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Blowing-Filling-Capping combiblock has become a trend in beverage filling and packaging area due to its following advantages:

  • Save installation space, cuts hundreds of air conveyor length, thus helping clients save land rent

  • Save machine investment, reduces the length of air conveyors, water rinsing part, water treatment system capacity.

  • Energy saving, the motors power consumption in air conveyors are saved

  • Water saving, reduce the part of water rinsing.

  • Bottle material saving. The gram of bottles could be reduced as the air conveyor is removed, no need to worry about the abrasion.

  • Manpower saving

Sunswell is one of the leading suppliers in China to offer a stable, durable and sophisticated combiblock which is suitable for water, juice and carbonated drinks with the capacity ranging from 12,000BPH to 48,000BPH (500ml).

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Special points of Sunswell Combiblock should be emphasizedHorizontal heating chain drive system

  • Efficient energy-saving preform heating system

  • Patented blowing nozzle unit for stable preform

  • Fast mold changing unit (6-screw design)

  • H-type steel frame, reducing vibration, more stable

  • High accurate filtration system and High pressure air recycling system

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  • High speed & energy saving blowing system

  • Reliable electrical control

  • Air conditioning and Anti-condensation System on electrical cabinet

  • Preform unscrambling and returning

  • Dropping preform collection during heating

  • Ion air blowing

  • Non-contact with turbine flowmeter (Optional

Welcome for any consultation of our blowing-filling-capping Combiblock!

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