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Blow Molding Machine


Both semi-automatic and fully automatic linear blow molding machine are equipped with the latest technical achievements. So they reduce the bottle blowing cost under the maximum capacity. The capacity is from 800BPH to 8,000BPH which can meet all PET production requirements for soft drinks, wines (beer, yellow wine, white liquor,etc), liquid state food (edible oil, vinegar, soy sauce,etc.) and daily product (detergent, shampoo, etc.)

* The capacity is subject to preform, bottle size, usage, weight, etc.

Blow Molding Machine


Classification Series Model Capacity Volume
Semi-automatic B Series B-1 800BPH 0.05L-2L
B-3 1,800BPH
B-4 2,400BPH
C Series C-2 600BPH 0.1L-6L
Y Series Y 90BPH 5 gallon
Automatic Linear A Series A-2 2,000BPH 0.05L-2L
A-3 3,000BPH
A-4 4,000BPH
A-6 7,000BPH
A-8 8,000BPH
A-2L 1,200BPH 5 gallon
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