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Blow Molding Machine for Hotfill Juice Bottle to Bangladesh

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Recently, a purchase agreement was signed by a Bangladesh food company and Sunswell, about a fully automatic blow molding machine for hotfill bottle to cater to the  existing juice bottling line. It will be a shiny debut for Sunswell’s hotfill blow molding machine in Bangladesh.


Hot filling is widely used for bottled juice production due to long shelf life without adding preservative, but it has very high requirement for PET bottle which should be able to resist 85℃ or even higher temperature. Following key factors will affect PET heat resistant bottle molding quality.

1) PET material:

Due to endure plus pressure, minus pressure variety and high temperature distortion, heat-resistant bottle material intrinsic viscosity should reach 0.85 even higher.

2) Bottle shape design: Hotfill bottle should have more ribs to increase its strength.

3) Accessorial machine:

When making heat-resistant bottles, use blow molding temperature adjusting technology to enhance bottle body plastic crystal degree which will make bottle heat resistance better. Use hot oil cycle way to heat blowing mold; heat blowing mold to 120℃~140℃. Thus, Preforms and blowing mold cavities cling together; delay blowing pressure keeping time to make bottle wall and cavity touch long time.

4) Mold:

Mold is an important factor influencing PET bottle blowing technique. Good and bad mold shape will reduce or increase difficulty of technique adjustment, for example, strengthen vein and transition area’s radian and bottom heat dispersing condition have influence to technique adjustment. Mold material is also very important especially for heat resistant bottle because hot fill bottle is easy to shrink. To avoid bottle shrink during molding, Sunswell adopts S136 material to make the mold. S136 is the best material for blow mold.


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