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Aluminum Can Carbonated Wine Filling Machine In Sunswell

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Canned wine is wine packaged in a can. Driven by demand for small format, convenient and environmentally sustainable packaging for wine, wine in a can has boomed in Asian markets for over a decade and more recently in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Canned wine

Can Filling Working Procedure

Cans will be pushed into can holding platform one by one by feeding screw and star-wheel. Centering cup of filling valve will fall to can; the distance between filling valves and cans is sealed by springiness plastic ring. The movement of centering cup is generated by plastic idler wheel along curvilinear motion. After filled, valve will be closed, air is discharged, and centering cup will rise from the can. Filled can will be sent to conveyor chain, then to seamer. Seamer will take lid, turn over the edge of can and turn the edge to finish the sealing action by the control of cam. After that can will be transferred to conveying system.

Our Filler


Our Seamer


Top view

Top view

SUNSWELL Machinery have more than 10 more years experience in Wine Filler,if you have any requirements or questions, feel free to contact us!

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