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A 10,000BPH Water Bottling Line to Zimbabwe, Africa

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It is a landlocked country in southern Africa. The eastern borders are all adjacent to Mozambique, the southwest is Botswana, and the southern part is connected to South Africa. Most of the climate is tropical grassland, the average annual temperature of 22 °C. As of 2014, there are a total of 13.06 million people in Zimbabwe.

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We got contact with the client in April, entertained client’s visiting in May and get the deposit in June. A very smooth and effective procedure of getting the order. This client already has a middle quality water bottling line bought from one supplier from Guangzhou in the year of 2016. With the expansion of the market, he would like to purchase a bigger line to meets his customer consumption. Most of all, he want to buy some better quality machines, which is more stable, functional and good quality. That is why Sunswell stand out among the three.

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The new production line consists of a full-auto 6 cavity servo model blowing machine, a 24-24-6 three in one washing-filling-capping, labeling, carboard shrink wrapping machine. We shall finish the line in September.


Sunswell has more than 10 years experience in Africa market. We have much confidence to be the shinny star of any competitors.

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