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7000BPH Litchi Drink Flavor Beverage Whole Plant for Bangladesh

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The People's Republic of Bangladesh, Referred to as Bangladesh, South Asian Countries, is located in the north of the Bay of Bengal. A small part of the southeastern mountainous area is adjacent to Myanmar, and the east, west and north sides are adjacent to India. It is the most populous country with the highest population density in the world. It is also an emerging market in the Beverage Filling Industry in recent years, which large number of Beverage Packaging Machinery Companies are rushing into. This makes the local beverage market brings infinite vitality.


This time, we will introduce a complete line of equipment signed by SUNSWELL with Bangladesh customers in November, 285ml, PP bottle, 7000BPH, 2 in 1 Litchi Drink Flavor Beverage Aluminum Film Filling and Sealing Whole Plant, Form Blending, Plate Sterilizer, CIP System, Bottle Unscrambler, 2-in-1 Aluminum Film Filling Sealing Machine, Aluminum Film Cover Maker, Pasteurizer, Air Blower, Sleeve Labeling Machine, Shrink Wrapping Machine, etc. Customers have been to China several times and have visited many suppliers. For seeking technical support, comparing the quotation, as in our factory also have one 7000BPH 2 in 1 Aluminum Film Filling and Sealing Equipment for Nepalese customer's. The equipment will be immediately completed, and almost the same as the customer's request, the customer praised the equipment very well after visit, and finally believed and chose to cooperate with SUNSWELL.

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Except the 285ml Bottle size, Also have a 170ml Bottle size. The customer requires Filling Temperature to 70-75 degrees. After that, enters the Pasteurizer, Heating up to 80-85 degrees and keeps it for 10 minutes. Finally, the outlet is cooled to 35 -40 degree. After the research and discussion by SUNSWELL engineers, the customer is perfectly satisfied with the perfect solution. The contract was signed and the advance payment was also arrange by customer on the same day, which greatly encouraged the morale of the SUNSWELL people.


The whole line consists of the following systems:

● Pretreatment

● CIP System

● Plate Sterilizer

● Bottle Unscrambler

● 2 in 1 Aluminum Film Filling Sealing Equipment

● Aluminum Film Cover Maker

● Pasteurizer

● Air Blower

● Sleeve Labeling Machine

● Shrink Wrapping Machine

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The Flag of Bangladesh is Rectangular, the background of the Flag is Dark Green, and the Center is a Red Round. The Entire Flag is like a Vast Plain, and a Red Sun is Rising. Just like SUNSWELL's logo, it means Bright Prospects and Infinite Vitality.


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