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70℃ Ultra-Clean Juice Filling Line for 3L Bottle to Turkey

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After a 12,000BPH 1L glass bottled juice line successfully installed in Goknur in Adana, Turkey. Another line of 3L juice bottle is on the sea for the same client. The product of this production line will be exhibited in Walmart in the USA.



Most of the juice sold in the market in the world adopts the technology of hot filling with the temperature of around 85C, which means some nutrition will be damaged and the taste becomes unpleasant. Goknur is a company cares about the original ingredients in the fruits and Its customers' healthy. It is the Ultra-Clean juice filling technology help them to achieve this ambition.



Sunswell is one of the few suppliers in China, which is able to manufacture such machines with mature technology to let it run well. The production line of the ultra-clean filling is as follows:

  • Line Capacity: 4,000BPH for 3L bottle

  • Disinfectant dosing into 3L empty bottles.

  • Holding chain for 2 minutes to kill the bacterial thoroughly.

  • Disinfectant dumping

  • Double step bottle washing

  • Juice filling, Capping, UCF 25-25-25-5, with FFU filter

  • Cooling Tunnel

  • ROPP Hot melt glue labeling

  • Carton Wrapping 

Due to the Coronavirus, the installation and commissioning of this project is pending. How splendid the whole line runs in Goknur? We will see it after few months!

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