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5000BPH Water Production Line for Australia

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Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, Australia, is located in the northeastern part of Australia, on the Sunshine Coast on the north edge, and in the south of the international tourist resort of Gold Coast. It is Australia's third largest metropolis, second only to Sydney and Melbourne. Brisbane is close to the Pacific Ocean and the East is close to the Tasman Sea. It is a city that develops from the coastline, rivers and ports to the western outback.


Our Australian customers have their own wine estate and a complete wine fermentation filling facility. In addition, because the water quality is pure and pollution-free, the sales volume of the customer's 5 Gallon Bottled Water is also very good. The customer's requirements for all equipment are relatively high. After a series of comparisons and inspections, Finally chose SUNSWELL which has more than 10 years of whole plant engineering experience.


This time, the customer is preparing to open up the small bottled water market in Australia, so the purchase of a 5000BPH water Filling Whole Line includes a series of equipment such as Blow Molding Machine, Water Filling Machine, Hot Melt Adhesive Labeling Machine and Shrink Wrapping Machine. Because the customer requirements are relatively high, and Brisbane's climate is very humid, the customer puts forward the requirements of the equipment dustproof and waterproof grade IP54, and all Equipment including the conveyor chain should be made by SS304. After the discussion and research by SUNSWELL engineers, all the problems were solved completely. The customer inspection is also very smooth.


The whole line consists of the following systems:

● Bottle Blow Molding Machine. 4 Cavity, Capacity can reach 5000BPH.

● Water Filling Machine. XGF 14 Rising -12 Filling - 5 Capping.(500ml)

● Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine.

● Shrink Wrapping Machine.


Summer's hard work and sweat in exchange for the bumper harvest in the fall, SUNSWELL Go forward and Never stop.

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