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5000BPH 38mm Hot Juice Filling Line for Thailand Customer

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Bangkok, the capital and largest city of Thailand, also known as the "City of Angels", is located on the east bank of the Chao Phraya River (Chao Phraya River) and borders the Gulf of Siam to the south. It is the largest city in the Indochina Peninsula and the second largest city in Southeast Asia. , Trade, transportation, culture, technology, education, religion and all aspects of the center.

Hot Juice Filling Line1

Our old customer, ordered one 5000BPH Hot-Filling Juice Filling Line from Sunswell Machinery at the beginning of 2021. After several months of production and debugging, the equipment has arrived at the customer’s factory already.

Hot Juice Filling Line2

Consider Sunswell cannot send technician from China for installation due to Covid-19, Sunswell made fully perfect testing prior to shipment to simplify installation when the machine arrive in customer’s factory. Finally, under Sunswell’s online guidance and Susnwell partner’s tech help, Machine were installed successfully recently. The machine achieved the designed performance 100% and the client is very satisfied with Sunswell’s equipment and service.

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