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5 gallon preforms Injection molding machine for Mexico Gugar

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Sunswell has around 15 years experience in beverage filling and packaging production line business. What we have shown most to the public are our filling and packaging machines starting from water treatment system to mixing to blowing, filling and packaging. Actually, we offer injection molding machine also---which take accounts more than 40% of our sales amount till now of the year 2020.

 injection molding machine

The recent order we got for injection molding machine comes from our customer- Gugar from Mexico. They order two injection molding machines, one is for 5 gallon preform(PET Material) another is for 5 gallon handle (ASB material). As the material difference, we suggest them to use two units of different machines.

Minimum injection machine

For 5 gallon preform (750g), they choose to start from the Minimum injection machine (330) 1 cavity mold with the capacity of 36pcs, and for 5 gallon handle (48g), it is 350pcs/hr with the mold of 4 cavities.

Apart from the injection molding, there are many Auxiliary machines are of great importance. Such as material hopper, chiller, Color mixer, material dryer. We all use top brands in China.

We always welcome you to ask for any quotation!

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