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5 Gallon Mineral Water Filling Machine


Application: still water, pure water, RO water, mineral water, sparkling water, etc.

Suitable for: 3 gallon, 4 gallon and 5 gallon bottles

Filling system: gravity filling

Production capacity: 120BPH– 1,500BPH (5 gallon)
Technical featuresof 5 gallon water filling machine
The machine integrates rinser, filler and capper together.
The machine is of stainless steel, resisting corrosion and easy to clean.
The main electrical components and gas circuit elements are all of international brand.
Equipment structureof 5 gallon water filling machine
Automatic bottle loader
Barrel rinser
According to the customer’s requirement, the machine could be equipped with automatic cap separator, automatic leakage inspector, barrel washer, automatic cap loader, shrink wrapper, etc.

5gl Water Filling


Model QGF-120 QGF-300 QGF-450 QGF-600 QGF-900 QGF-1200 QGF-1500
Capacity (BPH/5gl) 120 300 450 600 900 1,200 1,500

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