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4000BPH 1L glass bottle whisky filling cap label and packaging full production line

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Arab Republic of Egypt Referred to as "Egypt". Located in the northeast of Africa, it is the transportation hub of the three continents of Europe, Asia and Africa. It is a shortcut for the sea route between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Egypt is the most populous country in the Middle East and the second most populous country in Africa. It has long been a leader in Africa in terms of economy and technology. It is also the third largest economy on the African continent. Its various important industries, such as tourism, agriculture, industry and service industries, have almost the same development proportions.


Last month, our Egyptian agent, through unremitting efforts, finally Place an order of 4000BPH 1L Glass Bottle Whisky Filling Capping Labeling and Packing Complete Line with SUNSWELL Machinery. Whole line Include the Glass Bottle Rising Filling Capping Machine , Labeling Machine and Packing Machine. Totally have Four Bottle Size . Three square bottle , Another one is rectangle bottle . Cap is some special ( below pic).




The final customer also invested in a supermarket in Italy. These whiskeys will cross the Mediterranean and be exported to Italy and appear on the Italian market shelves.

This project only took half a month from communication to place order, which fully demonstrates that SUNSWELL Machinery has enough experience and strength to convince customers that more and more equipment will enter the African market in the near future.

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