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30,000BPH Soft drink Combibloc with 15℃ Filling to Tanzania

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Tanzania is one of the birthplaces of ancient humans. Located in the east of Africa and south of the equator, the country has a total population of around 55.57 million. The annual average temperature is 26°C. Nowadays. carbonated drinks are getting more attention by beverage manufacturers.


The order we got from our Tanzania client is a 16-90-18 model blowing-filling-capping combibloc, which means 16 heads blower, 90 head flowmeter fillerand 18 head capper. Combibloc has been a trend now as it helps to save factory space (remove the air conveyor for empty bottle loading between old model blower to rinser), electricity and water consumption (for empty bottle washing). The only shortage is that the price of the combibloc is a little high for small industries. 

A point should be highlighted of this order is its common temperature filling: 12~15other than original model 4℃ filling, as we adopt high technology carbon mixer to save electricity used in chiller and the warmer after filling machine.


After years of efforts, Sunswell has being one of the few suppliers in China, being able to

offer stable, workable and high-quality blowing-filling-capping Combibloc. We do have the confidence that all our clients would be proud of using machines branded Sunswell!

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