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2021 New Year Starts with an order from Angola

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At the beginning of New Year’s Days in 2021, Sunswell received an order from an Angolan customer: 10000BPH (350ml) bottled water production turn-key line, including RO water treatment system, PET preform injection machine, automatic bottle blowing machine, filling machine, automatic sleeve labeling machine, automatic film shrink wrapping machine and supporting air compressor system.



The Angolan customer originally had a linear water bottling line, but it is far from being able to meet the growing market demand, so they can’t wait to need a production line with higher output and higher automation. After the customer contacted Sunswell, he was quickly overwhelmed by Sunswell's entire plant engineering capability and equipment quality, so the cooperation between the two parties came naturally.



Sunswell is not only a professional supplier of liquid packaging equipment, but also provides customers with comprehensive supporting services. Sunswell will supply the customer PET chips required for PET preform injection molding, bottle caps and shrinkable labels required for packaging.


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