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$2,000,000 Order coming after the fulfillment of a small juice machine

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After 45 working days elaborate preparation, Sunswell 16-12-12-4 double washing 4-in-1 juice bottling machine to U.S has finally lifted its veil. 


This is not a common equipment, but we have full ability to make it to be an artwork.

The base of the main machine, we all use stainless-steel material other than the commonly used type: iron casting.

The bottle is a 2L squared one, using air conveyor or screw bottle inletting is a big question. Same question also exists in the filling part: bottle neck grapping or bottom lifting filling. We are able to handle all those questions as we have rich experience.

All the components we use for this machine are top branded with UL certificate, such as wilden diaphragm pump.        

Socket type linkage for electricity is used to make client easier to link the two parts main machine together. 


The client has a very rich experience in this beverage industry, he used to work for Krones, and then build his own beverage factory 11 years ago. We are so proud that he could see all the details we devoted into his machine:


He gave us a new order of a 20,000bph carbonated drink production line, a whole full-automatic line making the whole price around 2,000,000 dollar. We already got a 50% downpayment from the company.


Though the competition is fierce, we do believe that Machine quality and After-sales service are the only strategy to break out.


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